WEDNESDAY, December 26th:Happy Boxing Day!

Boxing Day is celebrated in The United Kingdom, and Australia going back to the days when the upper class were the prioritized celebrants on Christmas Day.  Boxing Day, traditionally the day following Christmas Day, was the day when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts from their superiors. While the class system of that former time has changed radically since World War I, Boxing Day is still observed by many.

In a nod to our friends, with whom we share a common language, Caledonia celebrates today with one last glance at the man in red suit, courtesy of Author L.Frank Baum: Many centuries ago, long before toys had even been invented, a baby abandoned at the edge of an enchanted forest was adopted and raised by a beautiful wood nymph, thus beginning the life story of Santa Claus. From his first truly magical childhood through the discovery of his life's work of making children happy, discover the origin of every tradition surrounding Santa Claus, from toys, stockings and lighted trees to reindeer and sleigh.

Presented Live in Voice.

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