Thursday April 26th at 7pm - IRISH GODS AND HEROES

Balor and Gubbaun
'In the day of long ago and the times that have disappeared for ever...'  The very words set the the imagination racing, heralding a strange and wonderful tale from the dawn of Ireland's past, when the old gods held sway and the lad was peopled by high kings and heroes.

Balor of the evil eye was the god of death whose one eye was said to be so malevolent that it could destroy anyone upon whom he gazed. Tonight we recount the story of when Balor met the Irish hero Gubbaun Saor, "the wondersmith".


Macha of the Gold Hair

Among the goddesses of Irish mythology there are few more terrible than Macha, who is said to personify battle and slaughter. She is one of the goddesses of war and is believed to hover over warriors, inspiring them with battle madness and urging them to cut off the heads of fallen enemies. There are several versions of Mocha's death, including one in which she was slain by Balor of the Evil Eye, but this version tonight, by Dermot O'Byrne, may be rather closer to the truth.

Stories in Live Voice

You are ALWAYS welcome to come as you are. But a storytelling is also a great time to dress as someone else, or become someone else! Use your imagination and have fun!! See you there!
Some possibilities for tonight:
Hero/Heroine (think Xena and Hercules)

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