MONDAY, April 9th at 7:00pm: "The Clairvoyant Countess" (Part 2)

More from author Dorothy Gilman's charming and exotic Countess Marina Karitska  (The Mrs Polifax Detective Series, Tightrope Walker).

Last week we met Madame Karistska, and watched her developing relationship with Detective Pruden of the local police as her clairvoyance led him to solve a gruesome murder.  This week, we meet new characters, and we see the Coutess and the Detecive prevent a murder together ... Pruden still incredulous at the power of this delightful, confidant woman who seems to know all, and admit nothing at the same time.

"I have experienced much in the way of wise men and prophets ... If psychologists and sociologists claim that we went form the Age of Anxiety into the Age of Alienation, then the next era - for survival, I assure you - must be the Age of Consciousness ... Lieutenant Pruden, almost every human being is asleep - we are sleepwalkers."

Presented Live in voice.

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