MONDAY, April 2 @ 7:00pm: Part 1 "The Clairvoyant Countess"

Madame Marina Karitska has a style all her own--a rare blend of psychic power, an exotic past, and an uncanny gift for common sense. But when a chance encounter with Detective-Lieutenant Pruden of the Police Department catapults her into the midst of a seamier side of life, she must use all her resources to keep danger at bay. Join author Dorothy Gilman's (The Mrs Polifax Detective Series, Tightrope Walker) charming and exotic Countess Marina Karitska on adventure and intrigue.

"Among clairvoyants it is common knowledge that to use such a gift for personal profit is to invite loss of the sixth sense. In all the years of her eventful life Madame Karitska had never accepted money for her readings, but some months ago--eking out a living as a milliner in Trafton--she had begun to have a series of dreams, all of them alike night after night. In these dreams she was walking along a street that was foreign to her, and inevitably she would come to a particular brownstone house and observe in the first-floor window a sign that read Madame Karitska, Readings. The brownstone was one of many on a shabby street, indistinguishable from the others except for the fact that its front door was painted a bright canary yellow."

Presented Live in Voice.

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