WEDNESDAY 28 December at 7pm: Stories with Faerie and Gina

Tonight Faerie Maven will finish "Celia and the Fairies" a charming tale of a young girl's magical powers; don't miss the exciting conclusion!
Then Gina Pralou will treat us to "Simeon's Gift"  by Julia Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton
There once lived a humble musician named Simeon. Longing to be worthy of the beautiful Sorrel's love, he sets off on a quest for knowledge. His journey brings many discoveries, but the vast tapestry of sounds and ideas he encounters becomes overwhelming . . . and, dispirited, Simeon turns for home. Alone in the grace of nature, he experiences a series of wondrous events that lead him to the discovery of his true self and the glorious gift he has to offer. Stories offered in voice.

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