TUESDAY 20 December at 7pm: Hanukkah!

"We light these lights for the miracles and the wonders, for the redemption and the battles that you made for our forefathers, in those days at this season, through your holy priests. During all eight days of Hanukkah these lights are sacred, and we are not permitted to make ordinary use of them except for to look at them in order to express thanks and praise to Your great Name for Your miracles, Your wonders and Your salvations."  Join Re*, Caledonia and Derry for serious and sentimental stories from Isaac Bashevis Singer, as well as humorous stories from Eric Kimmel about the the foolish townspeople of Chelm.  Something for everyone, with plenty of latkes and other Hannukkah goodies to go around, so come hungry!!  Stories in voice.

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