TUESDAY, August 22 @ 7pm: AUGUST POTPOURRI Continues - More "Tails" from James Herriot

Fayleen Bellois shares more stories from the heart-warming adventures of British Author James Herriot.

TONIGHT:  "Mrs. Donovan" & "Boris and Mrs. Bond's Cat Establishment"

"James Herriot (1916–1995) was the pen name of James Alfred “Alf” Wight, an English veterinarian whose tales of veterinary practice and country life have delighted generations. Many of Herriot’s works—including All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Things Wise and Wonderful, The Lord God Made Them All, and Every Living Thing—became international bestsellers and have been adapted for film and television.

Herriot’s stories rely on numerous autobiographical elements taken from his life in northern England’s Yorkshire County, and they depict a simple, rustic world deeply in touch with the cycles of nature."

Presented Live in Voice.


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