THURSDAY October 28th at 7pm & 9pm Hallowe'en Stories: 7pm TALES OF THE SLAYER - White Doe on Roanoke Island 1586 and 9pm NIGHT CRIES - RIVALS OF DRACULA


"In every generation there is a chosen one…"
White Doe - Roanoke Island 1586
-- Special 90 minute presentation --

Demons, Spirits, Vampires, oh my!
In the year 1586, John White, Watcher and explore, is sent to the New World with his family to colonize Roanoke Island. He tells his Native American Croatoan ally Manteo that a "gifted hunter of the Night Walkers" will soon be born.

What really happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke?
This is an amazing atmospheric and historic tale set in the world of The Vampire Slayers.

HORROR AT THE DRIVE-IN: Night Cries / Rivals of Dracula
A 600 year old vampire that goes by the name of Jonathan Harker. Hard-boiled, 
hard-hitting seeker of justice with a soft spot for the dames. He's who Mike Hammer would be... 
If Mike Hammer were a vampire!

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Book: Tales of the Slayer Vol. 1
Story: White Doe
Author: Christie Golden

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