COMING SATURDAY: Seanchai 101 @ the SLEA

Seanchai 101: Story Presentation Tips & Tricks

Saturday, July 24th at 1pm slt on SLEA 7

You've heard them, haven't you? People who read like they are reciting a very boring shopping list, and those who can engage your imagination no matter what they read.

Seanchai Library's Caledonia Skytower offers a workshop for anyone who wants to work on their out-loud reading skills. Cale will demo a few pieces and then explain how she looks at the text and what she looks for: character, emotion, pace, action, tone, energy.  She'll also share "Cale's Rules for Readers." 

If you want to try your reading chops, bring something short to read (200 words or less) of anything - poetry/poems. Presented in voice - please have that enabled in your viewer in advance.

Presented in partnership with the Second Life Endowment for the Arts on SLEA 7 in the Willow Bay Literature Park.

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