TUESDAY, February 17th at 7PM: TWO NIGHTS WITH NEIL ~ Night #2

Caedmon is back with more to share form the amazing imagination of Neil Gaiman . . .

Barbecue sunbirds and aliens in saucers
Stars at wild parties and a diaries in boxes
Stories and poems and songs that we sing,
These are a few of Neil's Fragile Things

Don't know how to talk to girls at parties? Neil knows!
Always wanted to know what a sunbird is and what it tastes like? Neil knows!
What happened on the day the saucers came? Neil knows!
Just what was in the diary in that shoebox? Neil knows!

Just four of the things Neil Gaiman will tell us when we join in listening to C├Ždmon read from Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things. These poems and stories are all about things that can be broken and lost, things that should be treasured, even if we do not know it at the time or recognize what that thing is. From the absurd to the macabre, we'll have a ball exploring these things.

Live in voice.

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