THURSDAY, October 30th at 7PM: JACK'S WAGERS

According to an ancient Celtic legend it is said that on the night of Samhain, a night that is outside the cycle of time because it belongs neither to the Old Year that has just ended nor the New Year that has not yet begun, it may be possible to discern, in the mists that separate the world of the living from that of the spirits, a man who wanders in search of the road to Paradise. He holds his lantern in a hollowed out pumpkin, and inside it there would be a burning firebrand from the embers of hell. 

That man is Jack! 
Jack O’ Lantern. 

Author: Wirton Arvel
  • ASIN: B00O72DOEQ


AND DON'T FORGET!  at 9pm SEANCHAI LATE NIGHT . . . Caledonia shares DARE TO BE SCARED tales from author Robert D. San Souci!

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