WEDNESDAY, April 17th @ 7PM: "His Hollywood" More from the Adventures of Polar Bear the Cat

More adventures with two irascible bachelors ... author Cleveland Armory, and the other Polar Bear -  the cat who came for Christmas.  In these adventures we explore how Polar Bear got his name, and the follies and foibles that every first time "cat-owned" experience when trying to travel with a cat. Polar Bear even hob nobs with the Beverly Hills elite!

"An animal rights activist, Amory shares his feelings about veterinarians, airlines, hotels, human and animal natures, and the complexities of modern life... Amory's intelligent, educated musings explain life as he and his cat experience it. He also includes interesting trivia on ancient feline history and celebrities who loved or hated cats."  ~ Library Journal

Kayden Oconnell and Caledonia Skytower, live in Voice.

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