SUNDAY, March 31st at 1:30pm: TEA TIME at Baker Street!

Caledonia Skytower continues with the second of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short story collections about the adventures of his famous detective and the doings generated from Baker Street: "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" ~ THE ADVENTURE OF THE GREEK INTERPRETER.

On a summer evening, while engaged in an aimless conversation that has come round to the topic of hereditary attributes, Doctor Watson learns that Sherlock Holmes, far from being a one-off in terms of his powers of observation and deductive reasoning, in fact has an elder brother whose skills, or so Holmes claims, outstrip even his own. As a consequence of this, Watson becomes acquainted with the Diogenes Club and his friend's brother, Mycroft.

Mycroft, as Watson learns, does not have the energy of his younger brother and as a consequence is incapable of using his great skills for detective work. In spite of his inertia, the elder Holmes has often delivered the correct answer to a problem that Sherlock has brought to him. On this occasion, however, it is Mycroft who has need to consult Sherlock. Mr. Melas, a Greek interpreter and neighbour of Mycroft, tells of a rather unnerving experience he has recently gone through.  Caledonia Skytower in Voice.

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