SUNDAY, November 11th @ 6pm: PETER PAN ~ Part 2

"I can fly!" and off they go to the Never Land: Wendy, John, and Michael, just narrowly escaping being stopped by their loving parents.

Caledonia continues the month-long adventure with the boy who won't grow up tonight with Part 2 at Magicland Park: Peter and the Darlings are on their way to the Never Land, where natives, faeries, and mermaids await them.  And Pirates!  Don't for get the pirates, and most specifically THE PIRATE: Jas Hook himself!  Share the adventures as Wendy, John, and Michael arrive in this magical world of imagination.

Presented Live in Voice.  Part 2 of 6, presented through out the month of November in sequence at Seanchai Library and Magicland Park

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