MONDAY, November 19th at 7pm: The Conclusion KITE FIGHTERS

As the two young  brothers continue to work together, growing side-by-side as they learn about cooperation, respect, and tradition. The big kite fighting competition looms large on the horizon.  It will take the skill of both brothers, along with the support and encouragement of their King and friend, to win the day and bring honor and glory to their house and their Kingdom. 

Come find out how it all ends!  Gina Pralou, Live in Voice!

There are some fun linked sites out there that people have created for this book.  If you have a young person in your life, and you want to introduce this book to them, you might enjoy the support of these sites:
~ Suzy Red
~ in2Books
~ A Delightful Web Book Report created by "Andrew" at St Brendan's School in 2004.  I think he liked the book!

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