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For questions regarding Seanchai Library in Second Life, please contact Caledonia Skytower

For questions regarding our partner, StoryLink Radio in Kitely, please contact Shandon Loring


LIBRARY LEAD: Caledonia Skytower
With a generous love of language and all literature, including a broad spectrum of styles and forms. Caledonia has a special love of those "Classics" which appeal to both Adults and Children.

CHIEF SEANCHAI (Storyteller): Shandon Loring
Shandon brings a rich respect for Irish Literature, a love of the Land, and a keen sense of whimsy to everything from Ancient Irish Myths to Ghost Stories and Adventures from around the world.
LIBRARIAN, FOUNDER (Retired): Derry McMahon
Derry McMahon is Librarian Emeritus at The Seanchai Library. Her literary preferences lean toward Arthurian legends, chick lit, and fun short stories. Surprisingly, she is a librarian in real life, but finds the virtual world way more fun than first life! She has discovered joy in SL photography and, with her partner Bear Silvershade, they spend their time all over the grid seeking out, and creating beauty




Michael said...

Greetings From Newport, RI, home of Michael Dutton, author of the first and second novels of the Christmasville Trilogy, "Christmasville" and "Finding Christmasvillle.
Unwittingly did I notice that a reading of my novel is to occur on the 11th of December.
Should you have questions regarding the novel; or, should you like a copy of "Christmasville Trivia;" or, should you like to see a rare photograph of Christmasville; or, should you choose an attempt at Skype, by all means, let me know.
At any rate, have a Merry, Merry Christmasville!
Michael Dutton,
Author of "Christmasville" and "Finding Christmasville"

Arualdis said...
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