THURSDAY March 16th at 7pm: DARBY O'GILL and The Good People


 Now, What About Your Fourth Wish? -

The Only True History, as told by Brian Connors, the King of the Good People, to Father Cassidy, and afterwards related by Jerry Murtaugh a Reliable Car Driver, who goes between Kilcuny and Balinderg
THE most lonesome bridle-path in all Ireland leads from Tom Healy's cottage down the sides of the hills, along the edge of the valley, till it raiches the highroad that skirts the great mountain, Sleive-na-mon. One blusthering, unaisy night, Father Cassidy, on his way home from a sick call, rode over that same path. It wasn't strange that the priest, as his horse ambled along, should be thinking of that other night in Darby O'Gill's kitchen - the night when he met with the Good People; for there, off to the left, towered and threatened Sleive-na-mon, the home of the fairies.

Seanchai Library in Second Life
Author: Hermione Templeton Kavanagh
Book: Darby O'Gill
ISBN: 978-1331265436

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