THURSDAY October 6th at 7-8:30pm: Writer's Bloch


      "His words crashed against my consciousness"

Tonight is a selection of stories from Robert Bloch.
Each of these three stories tonight is a nod to two of Bloch’s favorite authors.. Poe and Lovecraft.

Robert Bloch wrote a fan letter to HP Lovecraft at the age of 16. Lovecraft encouraged the young boy to begin writing fiction and to submit his stories to Weird Tales magazine. Thus began a 60-year writing career that is one of the most distinguished in the horror and mystery field.
Bloch is today, of course, most famous as the author of Psycho.

He is also well-known for having said,
"Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy.
I keep it in a jar on my desk."

The Man Who Collected Poe
Our narrator is a bibliophile going to meet the world's foremost collector of everything related to Edgar Allan Poe. Launcelot Canning is a third generation Poe collector, both his father and grandfather were obsessed with the writer. In fact, the grandfather built a Poesque mansion in the 1870s that Launcelot lives in now. The present Canning, though, crossed over into unhealthy monomania long ago.

The Secret in the Tomb
A man's quest for arcane knowledge and immortal life in a dank, dark, haunted tomb. Placing it easily with some of the best of Lovecraft’s works. Written when Bloch was just 17 years old.

The Suicide in the Study
A young wizard plans to hypnotize himself into two personalities, the good and the evil, with disastrous consequences for both, of course.

Book: Selected tales from 'Weird Tales' magazine, c.1930's
Author: Robert Bloch

Join us at:
Seanchai Library in SL
Nightmare Art Gallery at Halloween Mall Castle in Kitely


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