SUNDAY, March 27th: Seanchai Library Celebrates


It was March of 2008 when the first story was told, and fourteen years later we are still sharing stories, poems, and enthusiastically starting out on new adventures in literature. Join the Seanchai Library staff and friends for two hours of stories, poetry,songs  and remembrances as we celebrate in Ceiliúradh Glen, whose very name means "celebration" in iris.

Featuring Corwyn Allen, Shandon Loring, Elrik Merlin, Faerie Maven-Praloy, R. Dismantled, Ktadhn Vesuvino, Finn Zeddmore, Aoife Lorefield, Kayden Oconnell, and Caledonia Skytower, live.

Teleport from the main landing point, or take a leisurely stroll down the stone path to The Glen.

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