THURSDAY February 4th at 7pm: ♥ SQUASHED ROMANCES ♥


"Love Will Find A Way"

TWO CLASSIC ROMANCE NOVELS squashed into a one hour story session!
What will it be?
Pride & Prejudice? Sense & Sensibility? Romeo & Juliet? Jane Eyre? Wuthering Heights? Marguerite de Valois? The Black Tulip? Emma? Anna Karenina?
Northanger Abbey? Wild Wales? Great Expectations? The Sorrows of Young Werther? Mansfield Park?
Persuasion? Villette? Scarlet Letter? House of Seven Gables? The Castle of Otranto? Abelard and Heloise?

Only Shandon knows and he ain't tellin' yet!

Join us in Second Life

and Kitely   or

Book: TBA
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