Seanchai Quick Facts

Seanchai Library by the Numbers:

  • Between January 2011 Seanchai Library has made charitable donations totaling $5,935 to 20 non-profit organizations around the world, doing good work in a variety of areas including environmental heath, housing, education, peace, social justice, and wildlife preservation. 
  • Seanchai events in Second Life generate an average of 70 visits a week, plus special events, for a total of approximately 5000 visits annually.
  • Readers are required to own/purchase legal copies of the works presented. Text is not distributed to guests unless it is to direct them to a legitimate online source where the text can be found.  Author credit is always made - we do not claim ownership of the titles we read, unless we actually wrote them.
  • Seanchai Library's archive list of "Works Presented" is over 50 pages long, with more than 2500 entries of individual titles, some presented more than once or annually.
  • Seanchai Library is comprised of a core volunteer staff, plus a variety of guests from around the virtual and corporeal world.  All staff are volunteers.
  • The Library has produced The Dickens Project annually since 2012. This past December The Project had nearly 5000 visits; 61 events, and over 88 hours of live programming featuring 65 performers, presenters, and artists.  
  • Seanchai's 2015 EXPLORE The Great Gatsby pilot program in Kitely reached over 1500 patrons and guests through its partner, Tacoma Little Theatre (TLT), during preshow and at intermission of its production of The Great Gatsby, as well as over 100 Hypergrid visitors from around the world, including residents of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and various parts of the United States. Two additional EXPLORES have been produced with TLT, featuring the works of Anton Chekhov, John Steinbeck, and playwright Christopher Durang.  Additional projects are under consideration, as are additional partner non-profits.

  Click here for more information about EXPLORE.

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