Dickens Project Map & Key

This map texture is also available in the general notecard given out a the landing point, and on the information kiosks. When Dickens Square is not set up for a special event, the texture can also be found enlarged on the floor of the pavillion there.

Click on this image to enlarge it

Story Sites:

1. Scrooge & Marley’s
2. Scrooge’s House
3. Young Scrooge’s School
4. Fezziwig’s
5. Belle breaks off engagement
6. Adult Belle’s House
7. Grocer’s, Poulterer’s, etc
8. Cratchit’s House
9. Nephew Fred’s House
10. Old Joe’s Rag Shop
11. Caroline’s Cottage
12. Cemetery
13. Resolution Square (where Stave 5 will be read during the tours)

Other Features:
14. Information Kiosks
15. The Dickens’ Library
16. The Community Virtual Library Resource Center
17. The Gallery of Adaptations
18. SL Holiday Destinations
19. Balloon Ride Launch
20. Sledding Hill
21. Notable Scrooge Gallery
22. Urchins Hangout
23. The Alley

Community Participants:
24. Misfit Dance & Performance Art
25. Idle Rogue Productions
26. Elite Equestrian
27. Seanchai Library
28. Octoberville
29. Innsmouth
30. CeSoir Arts
31. Radio Riel

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